the apostolic in indianapolis indiana,

9-7-2011-hollie walked with big hand and I showed, that she said, its bobs candellite church service filling, it, that, hollie said, showed, her light watch, showed mow lawn, stop it, she said, put it under, hollie said, showed, bob, go, come back later, hollie left, saw, first time, it took of, that she said, but barely seen, just part of face, people want it she said, hollie said, its some coming back sunday morning, bob its beginning, hollie said, that, hollie said, thats, JEsus, putting idea in bobs head, and, that, hollie said, its new world order carriage and, that, hollie said, laughs, somewhat not seen, claps, stomps foot, shows, its pope like angel head, that, hollie said, showed, its hollie with JEsus inside, just appearing, that, hollie said, thats, hollie raking in the loot, happy, showed, its about three hundred dollars, hollie raked it in, wore, its plad coat, its, good for me, she said, that, hollie said, its pope in one side, hollie showed, these are angred she said, its new world order carriage, with hintao on other side, hollie jumps on top, with, theres putin, reins in, hands, hollie showed, turn furnace on, its time, thats furnace working, hollie showed, its, nicaragua exploding, its tripod, hollie, nuclear fires in cuba, its, venezuela and brazil exploding, thats hollie showed, texas burning, and, surrounding states exploding, but theres missiles leaving there, hollie saw from high above, its nuclear warfare she said, nuclear fires in mexico, that, hollie said, flew its, pf-52 mustang fighter jet, in heavens and its, uh part of africa exploding, theres many fires in, its nuclear n.a.t.o. countries being struck and, its, russia exploding, world shaking, she said, jumpy hollie said, monkeys lips, showed, running, her face golden, thats bobby running again, that, hollie said, showed, bobby she said, looking concerned, showed lay down, but clapped hands, got back, up, tada she said, showed, work, that signs in, its church yard, promote services she said, hollie showed, its sick things, showed, its showed, somewhat lighted hollie, alice cooper, hes slowing, down, she said, put it under, hollie showed, bobby take care of, its taperecorder, thats angel coming out, hollie showed, turn, golden lighted hand, showed, bobby its goodwill, go walk around, hollie night vision showed, light clothes, its steven vai, dressed real good, shakes bobs hand, its they talk, hollie said, she claps, night vision, they spoke she said, hollie screamed, again but not heard, hollie showed, turn, golden hand, its, boo we, hollie said, its, them, she said, but, disappeared, but was kind of hiding in, somewhat darkness, watching, running, laughing, many he hollies, Jesus told me hollie said, thats Jesus telling hollie, but showing, eat, hollie showed, turn, hollie drove tank, kept ducking, tear drop shaped happy Father, keeps shooting by but changing colors, its airliner hollie said, flying over, and, pope in the fire drinking drink, its, concorde jet, hollie said, but, turned into amber outline, jet drops bombs, their amber to, thats, america below exploding, hollie being lifted out of the ruin, and fires on both coasts, hollie, its akula class thats what you needed hollie said, hollie showed, submarine warfare, both coasts, exploded, 9-8-2011-hollie showed, its nuclear n.a.t.o. commander, looking, at, God said, its bobs entry on, and I stamp, white hollie said, put one hand on other arm, wore white, showed, bobby slow down, she said, its, facebook, one of your guns is frozen now but its not the main one she said, its there, you cant open any more, thats, hollie using, its credit card, they wont charge ya, she said, hollie, showed, dancing, but wild like, shes avenging, its Jesus, first, missile shaped Father face appears, all white, with, its black outlines, expressionless, its his face, hollie said, like drawing, she drew pope, another, hollie said, and I, she said, God said, then Jesus getting angry, hes avenged hollie said, and bob keeps, striking, thats, poor people in, its, afghanistan, hollie said, looking at bobs entry, they hurt, hollie said, and now know, thats Jesus laughing at them, bob stop telling hollie and God said, put it under, hollie said, showed, mow church lawn, jumpy hollie stomps foot, swings, round and round, thats, hollie cnn newsman, like different hollie, hes reporting, showed, its, the beast, pope, said, God said, with seven heads and ten horns, and pope pops out of dragon, like angel of light, its uh picture, I showed, it another, hollie said, showed, pope, its she said, hey hollie said, came out but seemed to change, theres two, she said, blue in picture, but one had golden fingers, hey, hollie said, coming out stunned, its teenspot, hollie said, and its, showed, ministryofdreams, hollie said, angel, looking out but only partial like lighted bald head, but, afraid, he said, jumpy hollie said, clapping hands, happy, gasoline, angel said, its o.p.e.c., thats angel watching meeting, hey, hollie said, angels face went blank, but, hollie showed, changing, lets, said, kind of saudi, raise, he pointed, with finger, they charge more now and wont reduce but thats them uniting and its forming one big nation God said, under hollie and God said, beast rule, thats pope telling o.p.e.c. like angelman, give me your fuel, nuclear rockets aimed, and its o.p.e.c. afraid, shaking yes, but he, walked away, you screwed he said, thats o.p.e.c. uniting with chinese forces, give me pope said, thats hu hintao, and, its, russia, both with, its nuclear arms, aimed at each other, thats, if you dont watch me hintao said, both wanting rule, but, thats 666 peace treaty being signed, thats angelic pope, its ram, hollie said, being formed, but they hate each other, thats, fires in both lands, then, thats pope at table and its, 666 peace treaty being signed, thats hintao and, its emperor of japan, climbing out of, its red horned beast, thats hollie like like red horned beast, shut up she said, but changing another, caught, came out, its, cause, craft to prosper, its beast in, its, the land of, hollie got word from awkward looking God, magog, theres gog, she, its antichrist pope, I am against you, God said, thats fearful pope shaking yes, i knew, he, said, but, thats, pope trying to get God to save, even near the end Jesus said, God never would cause he, never, wanted enough, God said, hollie showed, turn, first big lighted golden hand, then just looked, but, hand still there, its hidden like in blue-ness, outline appears, hollie showed, turn, he said, jumpy hollie said, clapping, hands, showed, its gas prices, hollie showed, going up, hollie showed, turn, this is warnin, hollie said, its, boo, hollie said, they chant, many, him, its, hollie said, but, got hard to see, went kind of dark, their on, its mostly level, but, raises in back, hollie slapt his face, thats the many slap effect, she hollies to, hidden in darkness somewhat, hollie showed, sleep,

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